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Healing Touch

This business is closed since September 2023

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About Me

I am Cindy Casella, a Licensed Massage Therapist, ARCB Certified Foot Reflexologist, and owner of Millbury Massage and Reflexology, specializing in personalized sessions to reduce physical symptoms of stress, anxiety, and fatigue by attentively addressing clients' needs and discomfort.

"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing"


What is Reflexology

The flow of energy through the body is restored and the nervous system achieves normal functioning.  Specific spots or points on the feet, hands and body correspond with organs and organ systems throughout the body. A reflexologist uses their fingers and hands to apply pressure to these areas/points.  When the flow of energy is restored to the body it allows more relaxation, rest and healing throughout the body.  

Reflexology Benefits

Cindy does an amazing job, she is just the best with reflexology. She knows all the pressure points for what ever ails you. I highly recommend Cindy.


Explore the Collection

Soaps are handmade by me and my friend Maria.
We focus on making a mild soap that does not dry the skin and has good lather.
Scented with essential oils only
Most ingredients used are organic and indicated on the label. Cocoa, mango and/or shea butters are used in these soaps.

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22 West Street, Suite 9, Millbury, MA 01527

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Natural Soap
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