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My Story

I am Cindy Casella, Licensed Massage Therapist, ARCB Certified Foot Reflexologist and owner of Millbury Massage and Reflexology
I specialize in helping clients calm their mind and body to reduce physical symptoms from stress, anxiety and fatigue.  I carefully listen to clients’ needs and physical symptoms and where they are feeling them in  their body so I can focus on those areas during their sessions.  I believe we all know what we need to help ourselves and am honored to be part of that process.  


MA Massage License number  13397
Accusage Academy, Oxford, MA   Reflexology Training  Graduated 2012
Spa Tech Institute Westboro, MA  Massage Therapist Graduated  2015
Spa Tech Institute Westboro, MA  Esthetician Graduated 2010
Tracy Walton and Associates LLC. Oncology Massage Therapy Caring for Clients with Cancer June  2019

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My specialty is working with clients to help reduce and relieve the physical symptoms of stress, anxiety and worry.  

Peace and Calm


Our bodies have forgotten how to be calm and how to achieve a peaceful and grateful mindset.  Body symptoms of aches and pains, stiff or tense feelings in muscles and soft tissue areas of the body, feeling tired, tense and overwhelmed are a way of life for many of us, myself included.   
Massage and Reflexology bring back peace and calm. It’s an opportunity for a mind and body connection. A break from the noise and stress we are bombarded with every day.  

Massage and Reflexology can help you feel

  • Less anxious, tense and overwhelmed

  • More connected to your own needs & able to listen to your body

  • More patient with yourself

Meet Pacman

I have an adorable pet rabbit named Pacman who is fully in charge of things at my house.


 I like to grow herbs and leafy greens for him and in the wintertime, I grow wheatgrass indoors for him.  

Some behind-the scenes of the liquid soap-making process

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