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Foot Reflexology

Encourages relaxation.  There are reflex point areas on the feet that correspond with areas within the body.  By using my hands and working on these points, blockages can be released; the flow of energy restored, and the nervous system achieves normal functioning.

60 Minutes | $65.00


I use mild to moderate pressure.  I do not offer deep-tissue massage.  Provides release of tight and sore muscles.  Cupping is optional in all massages if client wants cups at no extra cost.  

60 Minutes | $85.00

75 Minutes | $105.00

90 Minutes | $125.00

Neck Massage

What to expect in your foot reflexology session with Cindy

Foot Massage

It is a very comfortable and relaxing treatment and people often fall asleep during their session. I am trained in foot reflexology so that is what I offer.  You will remain fully clothed except to remove shoes and socks.  Your feet will be cleaned with either a steamed towel or a disinfecting wipe or gel.  Lotions and or creams are not applied to the feet during a session.  You will be in a comfortable position face up for the full session and in an anti-gravity chair that reclines back.  I have pillows for your head and bolsters and pillows for your feet and legs.  You can be covered with a blanket if you feel cold.  I can also cover your eyes with a soft cloth if that helps you to relax.   You may feel either energized or tired after a session. Clients typically feel great after a session due to the deep relaxation it creates in the body.    


I like to keep things simple and one way I offer simplicity is in pricing:  

Gratuities are not accepted.
The price is the full price, no tipping.

60 minute foot reflexology …$65.00

60 minute massage … $85.00
75 minute massage … $105.00
90 minute massage … $125.00

Each massage and foot reflexology session is customized to what you feel you need the most at that time.  Our bodies are different every day and most massage sessions are different each time.  I will ask and listen to your areas that you are feeling the most tension and discomfort to help you get the most out of.

I am not a deep tissue therapist. I can work in some areas more deeply than others and use silicone cups if it’s appropriate and the client agrees on having cups.  Cupping is included at no extra cost.
See my cancellation policy here.

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